Welcome to the Drawpile.Outguard.Net Information Page

My Drawpile server is open for business!
If you have the client, just connect to drawpile.outguard.net and you will see the currently running sessions. I've got a couple in there that are open even to guests to draw on.

For those who are not familiar, Drawpile is a shared canvas for artists to draw together.
As far as drawing apps go, it is nice. It is even tablet compatible with pressure sensitivity.
So anyone of the artistic bent can just load up the Drawpile client with their drawing tablet, and collaborate in real time!

You can download the client at https://drawpile.net/download/

If you want to create a new canvas, first join my Telegram chat for the Drawpile server: https://t.me/+9AL2RouRjnllNzlh
Then submit your desired Username and Password Here
Once authorized, that login will be able to create new canvases, even 'private' ones that you can put a password on.

The server saves all canvases and records all sessions so they can be backed up. You can also save the canvas from the client.
I have no artistic talent, but I am a technician, and one of my hobbies is server administration and tinkering with them. This is just another VPS with Linode in their Dallas Texas data center.
If this grows enough that I need a bigger one with more RAM, that will make me very happy! I'd consider this little project a success then!
Artists do your worst!

-Leonato the Lynx =^.^=